Heath visits The Big Apple

Heath turned another year older this month, and to commemorate the epic day that was his birth, he packed his bags and headed to NYC to visit his bff Eric. It was his first trip to NY, NY but he came back all smiles and, frankly, twitterpated over his long weekend in the city.

Behold: the city as seen through his iPhone.

The Architecture



The Nightlife


The Parks

The Subway

The Gardens



The Skyline

The Museums


And, of course, the people.

Thanks for showing Heath a good time.

Next stop, Mexico City!


2 Comments on “Heath visits The Big Apple”

  1. kmom says:

    Happy times! I’m glad he saw Brooklyn Botanical Garden, my dream, not to mention all those other sights.

  2. Great Photos – thanks for sharing! Have a Lovely Weekend!

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