I’m sure watching your child take their first steps or walk across the stage at college graduation is an exhilarating and gratifying experience, but so too is the feeling or successfully raising a garden from seed.

This week we did a fair amount of harvesting of some of the things we put in the ground a few months ago. I’m not typically a patient person, but so far my patience and Heaths hard work has paid off. He walked in the house yesterday with a literal bushel of garden goodies.



The urge to buy our neighbor’s lot, tear down their house and create an adjoining urban farm is growing stronger by the minute.

Happy gardening!

3 Comments on “Harvest”

  1. kmom says:

    Those veggies look beautiful, carrots even! Hope you get some rain and more harvests. Plant tomatillos, they like it hot and provide salsa verde.

  2. Happy Gardening & Eat Your VEGGIES:)

  3. Beautiful bounty. I’m so looking forward to doing that soon. Just picked the first squash a couple of days ago. Have many tiny bits of produce but nothing else big enough to pluck yet.

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