They know me well at the painter’s counter

I’ve made three visits to the paint section of Home Depot over the last week,  and I can’t imagine how the clerks there must picture my house, what with me walking out with colors like Riesling Grape, Peacock Blue and Intense Teal. I admit, it’s quite the vivid assortment. But man alive do I love what it has done for some of the surfaces in the DH.

Remember not so long ago when I posted about my lackluster front door? Now she is dreary no more.

I’ve only got to install windows (ordered, not yet arrived) before it really starts to come together and look a bit more like my dream mid-century entryway (see below).

Then there is my armoire–the 1930s piece my mom had painted for me during my Paisley stage, but which needed a little updating to keep up with the fun-house color scheme currently dominating the home. The idea was to create a piece that looked a little something like this…

A few coats of Peacock Blue later and I wasn’t far off.

We think it  looks great next to my beloved map wall.

And finally, because I’m obsessed with the vivid combo of lime green and turquoise, I decided to paint yet another accent wall in the living/dining room. Although, to be honest, my “accent walls” are slowly but surely becoming just “walls”. My white-to-color ratio is decreasing significantly, but I can’t say it bothers me much. The inspiration…

And the actualization…

Ok. I think that’s enough painting for now, as I probably need to stop before things get out of hand. The only question remaining is which project I should turn my attention to next.

88 Comments on “They know me well at the painter’s counter”

  1. Melissa says:

    “The only question remaining is which project I should turn my attention to next.” Ugh, Nick and Melissa’s house!

  2. mvatman says:

    Oh my! All the work you’ve done certainly brightens it up! Love it!

  3. kmom says:

    I like the changes. Can’t wait for that door redo.

  4. I absolutely love the bright colors. They are so cheerful! 🙂

  5. Rae says:

    Love these colors!! I’m renting studios in Korea at the moment, so no painting allowed, but man alive… when I’m able to paint an “accent wall” I may just go crazy!

  6. Grace says:

    These colors make the room feel so alive. I am more of a conservative when it comes to wall colors, but I am finding what you did inspiring. 🙂

  7. itssrijana says:

    love the bright colours

  8. piaspurpose says:

    i love these colors – the loser who supplied the paint to my parents made my lime green into emerald green. Moral of the story – don’t trust the supplier hehe

  9. raxxarora says:

    Can you do the same work on mine too? woww.. it’s really Cute 😉

  10. frizbeee says:

    I want a house just like yours! 😀

  11. Winn says:

    Love the colors! The front door is so fab.

  12. cherylpeddie says:

    I LOVE your map wall! Had to laugh seeing your post… we just finished painting our house so I can relate to the many trips to the paint store! The manager of ours knows me by name now! Thanks for the inspiring pictures and thoughts!

  13. theyellowranger says:

    Very nice. I’ve experimented with teal and lime green on our walls as well. So much fun.

  14. dyefeltsool says:

    Your map wall is the coolest thing. I always wanted one big map of the world that would cover a whole wall but never. of course, could afford such a gigantic luxury. Your way of doing it so much better, and cheaper!
    Thank you for the inspiration!

  15. bakearama says:

    What a lovely house you have! Beautiful pictures too 🙂

  16. Wow what a great space. Very lively. I like it!

  17. Sarah D. says:

    Great sense of color! You’ve inspired me . . .

  18. patricemj says:

    Wow, you’ve done great work, I adore the blue armoire. I think our eyes could be soulmates!

  19. I love the turquoise and lime!

  20. Congratulations on being Fresshly Pressed. You are ready HGTV

  21. Wow, what a great combo with the turquoise and lime! The map wall is great as well; it’s like artwork and paint all in one!

  22. Ruchika says:

    ADORE the colours! Gosh, would you mind if I came up to you with a ‘Do my house too PLEASEEEEE’ later this month? 😀 Thank God you were freshly pressed!

  23. Try a larger chandalier over the dining table. This is an opportunity to make it a focal point. You’ve taken bold steps with color, now go for the hard fixtures!

  24. With nearly 30 years of experience in custom framing in Houston, Texas, Village Frame Gallery provides frame design, original art, gifts, art installation, photo restoration and more.

  25. Congrats on being Freshly Pressed! I’m a color fiend myself. Plus, I absolutely LOVE your map wall. Great idea. If you want to take a road trip to San Antonio to help me fluff up our nest, say when! Our guest room is waiting. Seriously!

  26. heysheila says:

    I love color…and your map wall! I can’t wait until we own a house and I can paint up a storm. I love the last picture where you can see the wall in your living room as well as dining room. It is just lovely.
    Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

  27. Ann says:

    Looks Beautiful! Love the color combination. It suits well and the map wall is just awesome! I love the idea! Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

  28. katemai says:

    Gorgeous! LOVE the map wall! Any particular region featured, or are they random?

  29. katemai says:

    Just saw you live in Austin. Too funny. I am at my lakehouse there at this very moment.

  30. Love the transformations! All of them definitely look better than the before pictures. It’s quite inspiring because I just moved into my new home and looking for new painting ideas ( mostly for my room and kitchen) Great ideas!


  31. ugene says:

    Congratulation on being freshly pressed!

  32. Dianda says:

    The map wall is amazing! Really creative!

  33. Nora says:

    Nice dining room.

  34. boysandchickens says:

    Fantastic use of colour!!! I love it….and that map wall is just amazing 🙂

  35. Lovely bright colours. My friend would be really jealous of your map-wall idea 😀

  36. Must be nice to wake up or come home to a colourful world! Nicely done!

  37. ayamma says:

    This is amazing creativity! I love how you’ve played with the colors!

  38. adaisygarden says:

    Love the colors!

  39. Will says:

    Heath & Kelsey:

    “The Doodle House” surely is a work of art-in-progress. I say you can’t have too much color (harmonious and muted, of course) – don’t worry about the white/color ratio.

    To my eye, something that you might think about adding to the mix is funky lighting. An old brass chandelier, a few brass wall-bracket candle holders, and some picture frame lights would add depth – light and shadow – to those groovy colors. Do you have artwork on your walls? I didn’t notice before commenting.

    Where I live, old brass is to be had really cheap at antique or thrift stores. It amazes me the brass treasures people will toss out, when all these items need is some polishing with Brasso, and voila – you’ve got some really rich, dramatic accents

    You’re producing a master-work – hang on in there!

  40. redcactus says:

    I just love the way you liberally used colours. Most houses I see are a bit dull, but yours is alive. Well done!

  41. nazarioartpainting says:

    I love the colors.

  42. RosLyn says:

    It looks gorgeous. But considering that my blog is on the clean aspect of things; I can’t help but ask how you keep the smell of paint from being over- powering. I painted a couple of weeks ago but the smell lingers. and I’ve tried everything! so I was wonder if you have some tips. I’m always looking for great advice when I can get some! 😀

  43. asignoflife says:

    Your home is beautiful! Keep up the amazing work!

  44. I love all the bright colors you use!

  45. CJ says:

    Loving your color choices, you really “pull it off” well! I have been debating about how to paint one of my walls and your light green wall has actually been a thought 🙂 Awesome job!

  46. Revival Girl says:

    LOVE the peacock blue armoire against all those beautiful maps!

  47. bface2face says:

    Love the color choices!

  48. Nice! Those are great ideas for your place. Will try to do it also. But maybe in my room first. 🙂

  49. msperfectpatty says:

    I really like the colors you’ve used they’re fun and unique!

  50. I LOVE those bright colors! My kitchen is orange and yellow, so I’m totally with you. 🙂

  51. CJ Vali says:

    The map wall is freakin’ cool. I must admit, since my temporary weekend job is at Lowe’s and since I primarily work in the paint department, I find myself concocting crazy color schemes for future and possibly never-to-be-owned living spaces. I dig your color scheme.

  52. brulionman says:

    thnx for inspiration with map covered wall!

  53. Audrey says:

    What a gorgeous transformation! I like how you shared the inspiration, before and after images – these really help. Congratulations on achieving the desired effect. You have a lovely home.

  54. Lucia Supova says:

    You want to stop but we want to see more! 🙂

  55. crackerslove says:

    The colours look fantastic!

  56. omg your living room is divine! i love it! colors are definitely the way to go!

  57. andytrainart says:

    i love your map wall..amazing.

  58. alexrobinson134 says:

    I like how you have mixed the colors, its very soothing!

  59. Genuinely incredible… This is exactly the kind of thing i want to do with my house when I get older. It needs to be somewhere personal.

  60. scribbleofhappygoluckygal says:

    woow.. wat a make over.. genious..!!!

  61. onceamonth4 says:

    The lime green and turquoise look incredible together. I’m in the same boat as you when it comes to accent walls. I have an orange, red, purple, and blue accent wall in various rooms of my home. Love me some bright hues!

  62. kanitap says:


  63. Nice transformations. I wish I had the courage to use such colors. Thanks for sharing. Connie

  64. jensine says:

    loving your colourful home

  65. MsDjHoodie says:

    Reblogged this on MsDjHoodie's Hit-n-Run Radio and commented:
    Alright. I’m in need of some inspiration; and I think you guys may need it too. Two people have asked me privately as to how I get motivated to be a blogger and/or podcaster. And let me be the first to tell you that, I could almost garentee that the first thing to get your mind traveling to be able to blog is… your surroundings. I find this post extremely motivating; and perhaps, you may find some ideas within this post that you can try when designing your new blogging office. Here’s a secret of mine. I found my blogging office ideas from home decor magazines that you can find at Home Depot and/or Lowe’s. I find these particular magazines a lot more hardcore and exciting than the one’s you find at Walmart. But this blog post, you may find as a jump start! Enjoy! -MsDjHoodie (Audie)

  66. love the torquise colors! you worked it! ♥

  67. I can not wait to own a house so I can paint paint paint and make it all mine. Your’s is beautiful!

  68. […] on the freshly pressed page and one caught my eye so I clicked on it. The title was something about having an affair in the paint department of Home Depot or maybe it was flirting at the paint counter to get a discount, I mostly […]

  69. klrs09 says:

    Love what you do with colour! Congrulations on being FP’d!

  70. abnerdowahdoo says:

    I like your map wall!

  71. the map wall and the colours! WOW!!

    This has to be one of the most cheerful houses I’ve seen

  72. brandimiller says:

    I love the bright colors!

  73. teenrants says:

    That’s so beautiful!

  74. I loved the blue colour in one of the pics. The sofa is gorgeous!

  75. Dominique Damian says:

    I love your dining room and living room!

  76. troismommy says:

    I love the colors in your house! So vibrant and happy!

  77. Melissa says:

    Beautiful colors! I am a bit of a frequent shopper at the HD paint counter too. After six years of finding the “right” colors I think I might have actually decreased our square footage.

  78. Emily Graham says:

    Is that moose head made out of paper? It’s so cool looking! If you made it, would you consider doing a post explaining how?

  79. Will says:

    BUT…besides my heaps of praise offered in my earlier comment, sorry but I just can’t _not_ say this: this whole “retro” 50’s look in style makes me gag. I mean, I grew up in them days… and it was F –K U.G.L.Y. I’m talkin’ bout those bucket chairs, minimalist chaises and chrome legs everywhere. YucK!

    Please: no avocado ranges and fridges.

    It made me want to barf the first time around, I cain’t STAND to look at it in today’s homes.

    What GIVES with that, anyway? Fifties style was 50 years ago for a good reason: That’s Where It Belongs, and that’s where it should stay.

    Every time I see bucket chairs, chrome, arborite, wing chaises and lino, before my eyes flash such monstrosities as The Cold War Steve n’ Eydie Gormé, Lawrence Welk, Ol’ Blue-Eyes Sinatra [creepy mafioso], General Patton, and Dick Van Dyke!

    Call me an old fart, I don’t care. I knows what I likes, and it ain’t this retro gar-bage!


    • I can appreciate things from most eras, but in moderation. Even though our house was built in the 1950s and we try to use hints of 50s elements to keep things in sync, I would get overwhelmed with too much. Love my 50s fridge and retro front door, but also love modern fixtures and sparkly updates. Blending elements from multiple decades and genres has always made me happiest.

  80. Just found your blog! Love your use of color…. I wish I could find the guts to be so bold! Keep it up…

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