Instagram is great for many reasons, but perhaps my favorite use of the smart phone App is capturing vignettes of the house when I’m bored and uninspired. I encourage everyone to try this and see if you don’t feel a little bit better about your fashionable abode.







4 Comments on “Vignettes”

  1. kmom says:

    Sweet. Sometimes I wander around my house and behold what I’ve created; little pieces of my past life around me, reminders that it’s been good.

  2. Good, I’m not the only who snapping pictures with instagram costantly! I’m in the midst of an “apartment tour” on my blog…have a look (!

  3. I like all the little cute touches you have in your space!

  4. Clàudia says:

    I do so toO! some times it becames a great photo! 🙂

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