Happy Labor Day!

I do love Labor Day—a  “just because” vacation from the workweek.  Heath and I have thoroughly enjoyed our Monday holiday. We started  our day early(ish) with Heath delivering the neighborhood association newsletters to the fellow homeowners of Windsor Park while I watered plants and played with chickens. After a respectable amount of time outdoors, we moved things inside–tending to some organization projects  before resigning ourselves to the couch to watch an  Anthony Bourdain marathon.  A little labor and a little lounging…just what a Labor Day should be.

But in honor of the LABOR part of Labor Day, I wanted to share a few labor intensive projects I have come across lately that have inspired me to take on tasks that require a little cash and a lot of elbow grease.

The first is this before and after furniture makeover project from Design Sponge that has made me think very differently about the quality of furniture you can find on craigslist.

Normally, I wouldn’t have given the above dresser/hutch a second look. I tend to like the modern look of the handles and fixtures, but the color and condition of the original make me want to turn the other way. Thankfully, there are other DIY-ers who can see a piece for what it is, and with a little TLC can turn a lackluster dresser with good bones into a functional and fashionable work of art.

Another sweat equity project I’ve been meaning to check off our to-do list is the laundry room. Our laundry room epitomizes the word “afterthought” For a room whose primary function is to be a place of cleanliness, ours is ironically a dirty wreck. To start with, there is no insulation or even drywall to speak of. It’s more of a shed than a room–with exposed studs, oddly placed plumbing fixtures and makeshift shelving. We’ve done a little (actually, very little) to make it more functional, but I know there is much one could do to better utilize this utility space, specifically, taking a page from the book of  Timothy and Laura who transformed their laundry room with a little white washing and and a lot of flair.

And lastly, I love how John and Sherrie over at Young House Love recognized the potential in this odd little corridor between two wings of their house.

All on their own, they transformed a dilapidated and oddly sized porch into extra square footage, perfect for deck dining (thankfully documenting the entire process, from the demolition to the finishing touches).

I love getting inspired by other young couples taking projects into their own hands and creating something from nothing. So, Happy Labor Day! I suddenly feel the need to get off the couch and get to work.

2 Comments on “Happy Labor Day!”

  1. kmom says:

    Those are some pretty major impact changes. Good luck on that laundry room, but I’d wait for cooler weathet.

  2. Get to it! Love to see it.

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