Bench Brainstorm

Heath and I are in the middle of a living room overhaul (more to come), and one of the pieces in the fall out is this sweet little bench Heath made a couple years ago to act as our TV stand. Since we recently upgraded our TV sitch, we found ourselves with an extra bench to our names.  Although in reality it’s just 6 pieces of wood, it remains the first piece of furniture Heath ever made me. Needless to say, I can’t just throw it out or donate it to Goodwill like it’s just some outdated piece of crap from a big box store. So, I thought, why not use it in the garden? And by garden, I mean carport patio. We have an empty wall outside where the bench fits perfectly, so I sat her down and filled her with plants and trinkets. Problem is: I am not sold on the current choreography of plant life.

TV stand-turned plant bench

It’s heavy on the ornaments, light on the foilage.  I’m in need of some serious guidance for what should occupy this new real estate. Part of it gets sun, most of it gets shade. The plants on the top are free to grow as high as they like, but plants on the shelves below are a little more restricted, which is why now I’ve got lanterns acting as plant placeholders. Perhaps there is no magical flora that can fulfill my needs, but I’m determined to try and find the perfect combo.

Love the minimalist approach of this bench from Apartment Therapy, but don’t know that I’m ready to get into the complicated world of Bonsai rearing.

I’m very drawn to this design from Batixa but I’m not sure how this combo would do in my awkward part-sun/part-shade situation.

HGTV does some cool stuff with succulents, but again, the sun situation has me perplexed. I’m also wondering if I need small pots with lots of details, or big pots over flowing with verdant life.

I love Martha Stewart’s idea of mixing succulents with seasonal blooms, I just don’t know which would survive best in my space.
It’s an odd problem to have, but one I’m enjoying experimenting with. I’m looking forward to touring nurseries this weekend to get a better sense of what will work and what won’t.  Oh thank heaven gardening season is here again!

4 Comments on “Bench Brainstorm”

  1. kmom says:

    I’d love to help plant shop. You would be surprised how many succulents appreciate shade. Think about a few architectural plants that will look good all year.

  2. All possibilities have value. Take time to chose what feels right for you.

  3. amymacmahon says:

    Repaint the bench perhaps?

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