Seasonal and Sensational

I think it’s safe to say my favorite thing about having a vegetable garden is eating the veggies. But I’m fairly certain my second favorite thing is observing how much it changes not only from season to season but also from week to week. It’s constantly evolving and Heath has become a champion at monitoring its progress, knowing what’s in season and being able to prep the soil for the future.  We have not yet been through a complete year with our ever evolving garden, but when I look back at pictures of our veggie sprawl from the day it was born to now,  I’m tickled by how much it has morphed.

Early Winter: the “garden” last December when we first put together the raised beds though at this point, it was more dirt than anything.

Early spring: the garden is full of lettuce.

Early spring

In March: no leaves on the trees, few greens in the garden.

Early spring: sugar snap peas from seed. We planted late February and harvested late April.

Mid spring: Heath picking the sugar snap peas.

Early summer: peas are still growing, but we added baby amaranth and New Zealand spinach to the mix.

Today: corn, amaranth, New Zealand spinach and lima beans

Today: corn and lima beans are in season.

Today: lima beans.

Today: corn

Today: amaranth and New Zealand spinach

4 Comments on “Seasonal and Sensational”

  1. kmom says:

    So lush. I love the corn and amaranth. i’ve never had a fresh lima bean. I continue to pick okra, shishito peppers, herbs, chard, a new crop of lettuces and eggplant…lots of green cherry tomatoes. Yay gardens!

  2. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words says:

    great photos! I love eating them too, usually I just have lunch in my garden LOLs…
    I forgot to plant corn this year, but we have two growing seasons so I am thinking of planting them to see if they will grow…
    I enjoyed this post…I love the way gardens feeds my spirit, seeping into my soul I think is a way to describe the energy !
    Wonderful post
    Thank you for sharing…
    ladyblueake Care….

  3. You have a great garden growing it looks like! Do you do square foot gardening? Or just kind of a mix? We are about to put in a few raised beds this winter (a lot like what you did, so it’s nice to see an example!) and I’m not sure if we should try the square foot thing. It’s so thrilling to get your own food from your own garden though.

    • Yes we do! It’s been a lot of fun and relatively manageable. There are so many great resources online, through local nurseries and elsewhere about how to get started and the best things to grow in what seasons. You should definitely give it a try.

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