Success with succulents?

After a week of pondering, I finally decided to give shade-loving succulents a try on our newly configured patio plant bench.  One day in, it looks pretty great. Hopefully I don’t kill them within the week.









5 Comments on “Success with succulents?”

  1. Kmom says:

    Looks good. I love succulents. The chickens won’t be able to get these. (birds are always nipping at my ghost plant)

  2. Oh smart smart!! And it looks really crisp and clean and simple. I have an overhang by my front door and in winter (and sometimes summer sigh) I never ever water anything down there. I’m thinking succulents might be a good choice for me too! I had some out on a porch last year but didn’t protect them in winter and most of them didn’t make it. But by the front door they might stay warm enough. I’m not sure where you write from so am not sure if you have to worry about cool temperatures or not, but I think you chose a really good solution for that space.

    (And also I can tell you from experience that the poor things take much more than a week to breathe their last! Maybe I shouldn’t have confessed knowing that!)

  3. Oh I just saw that it’s Austin. You’re all good!

  4. I like your solution for the bench. I just purchased my first succulents for a terrarium. You can read about it on my blog. All of the others I have had have been gifts, and they have not tended to do well. Recently, I have been researching and realized that I made a lot of mistakes. Hopefully, these do better!

  5. onceamonth4 says:

    This is all I can grow! Cactus! Succulents! I’m there. I’m a habitual non-waterer. For the first week of having them, I’m awesome at making sure I take care of anything… but after about 3 Weeks they are dried up and depressed. The one’s I’ve got now have been deprived of agua, but you’ve inspired me to water them! – Kyla

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