Seeing (shades of) Red

Pink, to be accurate. A few weeks ago I picked up the molger shelving unit from Ikea as a low-cost way to handle an overflow of extra books and school supplies that were polluting the office. While the dimensions of the piece worked well for the space, the sex appeal of it did not.

Pretty bland and pretty blah. So of course my first instinct is to take a can of spray paint to it–just as I did with the filing cabinet to its left, the armoire to its right and the chair to it’s other left.  Sometimes it seems I have only one or two solutions to making over furniture, and both of them are painting. But hey, if the system ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

The molger, prepared for painting.

And After! How fun!

The final effect is a sublimely vivid, and maybe just a little on the primary color/elementary school classroom side, but I’ll take it over the original any day.

10 Comments on “Seeing (shades of) Red”

  1. kmom says:

    Pink! shocking

  2. i love spray paint. my next spray paint task is to paint an old lamp i was given for free to some cool color that pops (kind of like your pink shelf). but i’m thinking i maybe should re-wire it too, which is making me put that project off 🙂

    • I can’t judge. I had an old lamp that went out a few weeks ago and rather than rewire it I just bought a new one, ha.

      • i know right. it’s hard to spend time repairing an old one when you can go to target and get a new one for around the same price… i’m tempted to throw it out but i’m trying not to waste things. we’ll see. it’s a balance between getting rid of clutter and keeping things that you could use haha.

  3. Glad to see he liked your vivid pink. Wondered how a fella might feel about that color. It’s perky, but I’d have a hard time passing it off here. Does pop in the room though. Balances it out nicely with whatever the other pink thing is on the left of the room.

  4. I really like the pink shelves, but the maps on the wall really make the room. I love all of it.

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