Ode to the bookcase

There are lots of things Heath and I add and take away from our dream home checklist, but there is one item that has stayed constant throughout: the built in book shelf, or rather, a wall of books. Having a mini library, a focal point around books, would be alright by us.

The wall-o-books is appealing for 23426423 reasons.

Reason 1: We’ve got tons of books. We needs a place to put ’em. Book cases are perfect storage units for said books.

Reason 2: They can be completely fantastic to look at. Not only do they bring color and interest to a room, they can also serve as little windows into a person’s life. You can learn a lot about someone by checking out what’s on their bookshelf….pictures of family or friends, the trinkets they want on display and, oh yeah, the books they enjoy reading. And if they don’t have a bookshelf, you probably don’t want to be friends with that person anyway.

Streamlined built-ins with some modern touches.

Pieces of a personality.

Built-ins go vivid.

Shallow shelves get dimension with wallpaper backing.

Books, antlers…whatever does it for you.

Wall mounted white cubes as bookshelves.


A classic. No frills, just beautiful books.


Walls with nothing but built-ins.


Creatively put together cubbies of books and other collections.

A place for treasures, literary and otherwise.


A basic wooden case with varying shelf sizes feels eclectic and classic.

And for something a little less remarkable, a look at our attempts to master the bookcase–albeit on a smaller scale.

Heath built this moveable unit for me back at the rental. Not bad for a DIY storage project, still not quite the Lordship’s library.

Trying to give some gusto to an Ikea unit.

Literally going outside the box with a floating book shelf.

Trying to get a little unconventional with something pink.

The book case from long ago, stained and re stacked.

So we have not yet created a room, a wall, or sadly even a focal point of books. But perhaps singing this ode to the book case will get us on our way.

11 Comments on “Ode to the bookcase”

  1. kmom says:

    Your attempts fall nicely in the “bookcase gallery” Having books around is comforting.

  2. Your floating shelves are great! I love the personal items on top of the books, such a nice touch!

  3. Reblogged this on KOTHEA The Fabric Blog and commented:
    C’mon you need a bit of softness in there. FABRICS !

  4. emmahevezi says:

    you can tell so much about a person by what appears on their bookshelf and also how it is all displayed. This means that the bookshelves which you would normally just put books on actually reveals a lot about you. For example, what books you have there, your family photos, ornaments, the way that it is finished etc. lovely post, wish i had space for a bookshelf šŸ™‚ have a good day

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  6. titahutami26 says:

    You have lots of books! Really cool post! šŸ˜€

  7. Great post. Modifying the bookcase in my den is next on my DIY home-improvement checklist!

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