Weekend (w)rap up.

We actually didn’t do a single home improvementy or garden-oriented project this weekend. Not. A. One. So what DID we do during our weekend with a freshly deposited pay check and perfect weather? I’m glad you (I) asked! Here’s how we stayed busy…in rhyme, of course. As if there’s any other way.

Friday night was a treat you see,
including pizza with friends and a documentary.
Searching for Sugarman” was its name.
’bout how the singer Rodriguez rose to fame.

Saturday morning we were sleeping late,
followed by a trip to Perla’s for a hot brunch date.
We split some oysters from the East and West,
and had a lobster omelet ‘cuz it tastes the best.

Then we headed south, down the highway
to hang with my Papa who I’m proud to say
is perhaps the wisest person I’ve ever met
a claim upon which I’d place a bet.
We all shared a cocktail and a glass of wine
and we talked all about our India time.

On Sunday mornin’ we cruised the the hood
on foot with our dogs and the weather was good.
We followed it up with a grocery store trip,
getting crab meat, and cheese and veggies and dip.

We didn’t build a fence or paint a wall.
Sometimes you need a break from the pace of it all.
It felt real good to move a little slow
without projects to conquer or veggies to grow.
Next weekend I’m plannin’ big things with my spouse,
‘cuz that’s how we do it at the doodle house!

Mic drop.

7 Comments on “Weekend (w)rap up.”

  1. Melissa says:

    Ol Mr. Warrenchuk played ACL with Rodriguez. He apparently was a huge bad ass

  2. kmom says:

    I was about to ask if that was rap when I saw the tag. I am so out of touch. Hey, Searching for Sugarman just won an Oscar.

  3. Love it…nicely done creative way to share your happenings. šŸ™‚

  4. Katie says:

    Rapping has two P’s! I was really startled when I saw the tags in my reader.

  5. J.Walling says:


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