The architecture of a cactus

I love the buds and blooms that spring brings, but walking through our neighborhood yesterday, it was hard not to notice another type of dramatic foliage. The cactus.  As a native Texan, cacti have always held a special place in my heart. Along with blue bonnets and live oaks, to me they are indicative of home. And maybe that is why I am especially prone to studying their varied and stunning architecture. Architecture that swoops, and climbs, and dives, and sprawls. Whether donning incendiary blooms, staccato quills or fluid curves, there is something magnetic about cacti.

From my iPhone on yesterday’s walk…

yucca greenagave

This one reminded me of a fried egg.

This one reminded me of a fried egg.

opuntia agavealoevera giantagave horsercripplers

12 Comments on “The architecture of a cactus”

  1. lacasasullaScogliera says:

    Oh, sì, anche nel mio giardino selvaggio ci sono molti di queste splendide piante grazze! Io le adoro, poi non hanno bisogno di troppe cure e cresco quasi da sole!

  2. I live here in Austin too, but I am not a native Texan. It’s interesting to get your perspective on it, because I have never been a fan of cacti as landscaping. But honestly, these are some STUNNING pictures! I love the first picture and the second-to-last one. Making me rethink it all 🙂

    • I know what you mean. I used to be all about the tropical vibe in my own garden. But after killing a lot of the plants that weren’t drought tolerant, I figured I should embrace the whole native thing, cacti included.

  3. I love cacti!!! They’re the coolest! I once wrote a creative essay about cacti instead of a research paper for a botany class. Nice photos!

  4. Great Captures – Happy Tuesday:)

  5. My husband just planted his first cacti garden…the colors and textures bring a new element to our yard.

  6. […] by once again employing the third of those tactics—creating art on the old lap top.  Recently I’ve been carried away by the enthralling shapes of some of the succulents in our neighborhood, and I thought perhaps that recent obsession could make for some nice hallway flair. I conjured up […]

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