Counter Culture

Thanks to the great, great folks at Austin Countertops, the doodle house is now equipped with wonderful white solid surface countertops.  It took us 17 months to make a decision and execute, but they are finally here!  I never in my life could have imagined being so thrilled about 20+ square feet of acrylic slab, but boy am I.

countersbeforeandafter This update and upgrade is a huge breath of fresh air in that weird little kitchen.  I knew taking out the tile would make a difference, but I never could have estimated just how much until we officially made the switch. I’m confident that after all the deliberating we made the right choice for us. The new surfaces are easy to clean, beautiful to look at and fit in seamlessly with everything else in the kitchen– a little bit modern and streamlined, but still fairly timeless and adaptable.




Even though it took a while, in the end I’m really happy we took our time with this kitchen renovation (and it’s not even done yet). If I rushed into it, changing everything up before I got to really know the house and the cooking space, I would have made monumentally different decisions which I think, in the end, I would end up regretting.

So cheers to another project crossed off the very long and never ending to-do list. The cosmetic parts of this kitchen makeover are nearly complete, with only the back splash left to tackle. I guess we will be spending the next week or so on Youtube getting a crash course in tile installation. DIY or DIE!

12 Comments on “Counter Culture”

  1. The kitchen is looking better every day. I love how the knotty pine cabinets look with the new hardware. It is nice to see a unique kitchen. I am also glad to know that you like your solid-surface countertops. We are going to replace our counters soon, and I am leaning towards Corian.

  2. Joy says:

    Wonderful new look. You guys made the right decision. Adam and I are so excited to be a part of helping this renovation.

  3. kmom says:

    It looks so clean, functional as well as gorgeous. I can’t wait for the tile job and jolt of color.

  4. girlwithaskillet says:

    I love it! It really looks great…I love how simple and clean it is.

  5. allison h. says:

    love these Kelsey! Lookin’ good!! That’s pretty much what Rhett and I plan to put in our kitchen as well! we have beige Corian right now.. bla!

  6. […] added custom shelving, replaced the faucet and added water cut offs, demolished the countertops, replaced the countertops, and…gasp…retiled the backsplash. A project more than a year in the making, it felt […]

  7. […] surface counters, including many professional chefs. Kelsey and Heath over at the Doodle House really liked theirs. My decision was […]

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