Hey, Hoh! (The Travel Chronicles continued)

Day Three
It rains about 12 feet a year  in the Hoh Rainforest. Depending on your particular origins that may not seem an impressive figure, but allow me to reintroduce this data point through this Texan’s particular perspective. Twelve feet is some serious rain. Really. For example, I attended freshman orientation at UT and walked away with my diploma before I saw that much rain in Austin. I voted in two presidential elections and did not see that much rain. I met, dated, and wed my beloved Mooshy before I saw that much rain. I thought a lot about the rain.

I thought about the rain as we meandered the forest trails, inaccurately guessing the height of the 300-foot spruce trees that towered over us, and as we marveled at the nurse logs on the forest floor. I thought about the rain as we forged the piercing cold Hoh River that flows through the valley carved thousands of years earlier by massive glaciers, and when we watched a family of elk take sips from the same flowing water that still wet our toes. I thought about the rain when we peered over streams so flawlessly clear they were nearly invisible, and when we reached out to touch moss that drapes and floats over the forest’s branches like seaweed. I thought about it as we built our fire, and cleaned our faces and fingers of sticky s’mores. I thought about how everything there—everything we could see and touch—was made greener, wetter, colder, taller, stronger by those 12 feet of rain.

heatholympicnationalforesthohrainforesttreetopshoh1hoh2hohmeadownurseloghohforestheathmarshmallowhohcampingkelseycamping We never saw a drop.

5 Comments on “Hey, Hoh! (The Travel Chronicles continued)”

  1. kmom says:

    As I viewed your photos I thought, but look at that BLUE sky! It appeared to be an ideal perfect and sublime experience of the rain forest. More please.

  2. Joy Stateson says:

    Obviously, you spent a great deal of time contemplating the rain . . . that’s why you didn’t see any! I on the other hand, haven’t given rain a thought . . . after all, we live in Texas and it is summer. That must be why our day at Moss Lake was extremely wet and not from the stuff in the lake, but that mysterious stuff falling from the sky!

    I’m still anxiously awaiting more information about this fabulous vacation!

    Love you guys! Joy (Mom)

  3. wahmcat says:

    I’m a Texas baby too and 12 inches of rain is a ton!! The pictures you took are beautiful and with my eyes closed and a tiny deep breath I can almost feel the breeze and smell the rain. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  4. i would have liked to see a picture of the sticky smore fingers 🙂 sounds like fun!

  5. Nice blog. You have a nice, easy, conversational writing style.

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