Baby, I love you. Please don’t go.

Dear Backyard Garden,

Remember when you and I were tight and would hang out all the time?

-3We had so much in common, so much to learn from each other. Those were the good good old days.  But I don’t think you or I can deny for any longer the fact that lately we’ve been growing apart. Well, I’ve been growing apart. You have not been growing much of anything. But I understand. Especially with you, veggies.

-1I have to take some of the blame. I wasn’t there for you and I’m sorry.  But I hope you know that it’s not forever, I am just going through a tough time right now what with this heat and all. And I know, I know, before you say anything, I am fully aware of the fact that there are other gardeners who treat their plants nice even in the summer. But I’m not other gardeners. When it’s sweaty out there, and the raindrops are replaced by mosquitoes and we experience 40 days of triple digit temperatures, I’m just not woman enough to be there for you. I can’t make excuses. I am a weak person. I don’t feel great about it, and it’s time that I come clean and admit that my neglect has changed you. 

-3-2I take full responsibility for this low point in our relationship, veggie garden. Your pollen is on my hands and my hands alone.

But as for the rest of you plants, I think you need to take some responsibility for your actions.

I’m looking at you loquat tree. You hurt me. You hurt me bad. We were so good together! When you first started acting sad, I did everything I could to make you happy. Remember the daily dates with the water hose? If not, maybe the $400 utility bill will jog your memory. What did I do wrong? Why do you refuse to cooperate? I am beginning to feel really jilted by how much you take-take-take without giving back.
-4And you, yaupon holly? You’re a native! You should know better than to behave like a tropical, which you have to admit you have been these days with the water business. I’ll keep it coming, but get real, this weather is suppose to be your jam! I expect you to behave better and maybe act grateful for the attention you’ve been getting. What would veggies say if they they knew you were acting like this?-5What am I doing? This isn’t me. I didn’t mean to point fingers. This is my fault. I’ll try and be better. I promise you. I’ll turn over a new leaf, and I hope you will consider growing some in return. I love you garden. Maybe in time, we can get back to where we were.

Raised beds

Love always,


21 Comments on “Baby, I love you. Please don’t go.”

  1. Kmom says:

    I am sorry for your loss, but these things are part of life in the garden. If we ever get rain again, the yaupons will probably revive. I think veggies are just fleeting so don’t be too hard on your failed relationship. We gardeners always must look ahead (like sports teams). There’s always next year to be hopeful about.

  2. shanisimps13 says:

    Best of luck with your garden next year. I am trying to get mine going for the first time and its a little nerve racking, but I get so excited to walk out and see my plants growing. 🙂

  3. Joy says:

    I feel so bad for your loses. It was a total bust at our garden as well. At least you had some “fruits/veggies” of your labor early on. I, alas, grew one measly (and I do mean measly …the size of a plum) bell pepper. Why even our flower beds up front have died! Thank goodness for the Home Depot guarantee. I’m looking forward to replanting when the weather improves and I’m once again back home. Love to you all…doodles included. I’ll be flying your way soon. :). Love, Joy

  4. The Pie Patch says:

    We had nothing from our veggie patch last year. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. We had a long, wet winter and not much of a summer. The slugs decimated everything. This year has been a bumper crop. Such is the life of the garden. Hopefully next year will be better for you!

  5. grtescp says:

    oh no! I once tried to grow salad, the slugs loved me, this year I got 1 raspberry and 2 blueberries… I am always in awe of anyone who can actually keep plants alive!

  6. I appreciate and mourn along with you….
    My well intended garden looks like a rainforest gone awry. Neighbors are wondering what I am hiding in there. 🙂

  7. chapmanlcheryl says:

    That was funny! I feel pretty much the same about my garden, sigh.

  8. veracastille says:

    All of these also happened to me! I felt the same way as you!

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  10. […] congratulatory or anything, but Heat h and I are basically American heroes for making good on our promise to the garden to give it some much needed TLC.  Austin’s been gifted with a pretty spectacular spring […]

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