Foto Friday–Eclectic Cottage Flashback

I was going through my flickr account recently, which I hate to admit is sorely outdated, and I came across a handful of pictures of the original Doodle House. We lived there a year and a half before moving to our current pad, doing what we could to make it feel like home given our limited capabilities as renters. We painted. We updated some hardware here and there. We got our start raising chickens. It was the house we lived in as newly weds and we did what we could with what we had to make it ours. I don’t have any negative feelings or weird associations with our old place, none at all. But looking back, I realize now, even with all its quirks, how much more our current house feels like home than did this little eclectic cottage. It’s kind of funny how much can change in just a couple of years.







green fabric print chair



10 Comments on “Foto Friday–Eclectic Cottage Flashback”

  1. thehumansarah says:

    a nice little reading/napping area!

  2. Melissa says:

    You need to get back to work =)

  3. Kmom says:

    I remember it well. It went through almost as many changes as the current doodle house.

  4. SkankAngel says:

    oh im loving this!

  5. leovlad says:

    I just love the colors! So bright and happy and welcoming!

  6. It is always fun to find pictures from the past.

  7. psycha says:

    Where can I buy your birdy bedding?

  8. kidbrain says:

    Love your eclectic sense of style. Reminds me of my house except for the painted walls. Always scared to paint bright colours but I feel pretty inspired by your pictures

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