May flowers

Not to be self congratulatory or anything, but Heath and I are basically American heroes for making good on our promise to the garden to give it some much needed TLC.  Austin’s been gifted with a pretty spectacular spring season, which made it nearly impossible for us not to get our hands dirty these past couple months beautifying the grounds of House Doodle. Veggies have been planted, bottle trees erected, new fences built—a productive spring season indeed.

raised beds and chicken cooptexasnativegarden


greyhousegreendoorraingarden marblemulch  doodlehouseroses crushedgranitepatio _DSC7936  _DSC7940 doodlehouserosebouquet bottletree _DSC7935





4 Comments on “May flowers”

  1. kmom says:

    Everything looks superb! I see chard, kale, onions, squash? in the veggie beds. I am envious of your Victoria agave, can’t find one anywhere in these parts. I love the new fence and bottle tree….and all the blooms. Doesn’t it just make you HAPPY!?

  2. benzy55Bren says:

    Good job! It’s so rewarding to work in the garden and make your own special little hideaway from the stress of the city! I love the water garden, do you have goldfish or koi in it?

  3. E.J Babbage says:

    Absolutely stunning. I love your use of recycled and varied containers.

  4. Nomzi Kumalo says:

    What a beautiful garden and home you have made. It is positively inspiring. Do you guys read poetry? Well, should you get the chance, feel free to visit my blog. 🙂

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