Carpet Diem

I’m going to interrupt your regularly scheduled international blog series to focus on some domestic affairs: my living room.

A few weeks ago Apartment Therapy posted this little gem to Instagram…


…and it really got me thinking about how much I love the contrast of an oriental rug paired with sleek modern design.  It’s totally in step with the whole “modern eclectic” vibe I’m going for. So, immediately I went in search of more inspiration to satiate my appetite. The internets did not disappoint. Designers seem to be loving the whole modern-meets-traditional vibe that this pairing provides.


Home Edit


Lou Lou & Oscar

oriental rug blue frames

Apartment Therapy




Patric Johansson

Petra Bindel

Petra Bindel


Apartment Therapy


Caitlin Wilson


The Marion House Book


Style At Home Magazine


Design Lovers

Clearly its not a new concept, but nevertheless, it struck a chord with me. And, as his holiness The Dude professed unto his disciples, the power to tie a room together belongs to that of the truly great rug.

Naturally, I went out in search of one of my own. A couple of tryout rugs later (thanks to Kaskas very convenient try-before-you-buy policy) I ended up with a winner, and it led to a complete transformation of our living room.

before and after turkish rug

doodlehouselivingroom eclectic oriental rug labradoodlepanch modern ecelectic living room modern eclectic oriental rug
I can’t side step that one big reason for the living room transformation lies not only with the rug but also with the change in wall color. The new rug is definitely an accent piece and as such, demands a lot of attention. Attention that my beloved stencil wall could not compete with.


While it was with a bit of a heavy heart that I painted over the old Stecie,  I remain convinced it was the right call.  One can only take so much attention-seeking behavior in one room. (Though I will say, the wall does demand some kind of artistic treatment beyond plane white. I’ve just yet to determine what will be the best fit for this new style.) Along with the stencil wall, I also big adieu to the green accent wall.  That wall too felt a little funny painting over. I remember coming in the night we closed on the house to get it painted up before we moved in. How interesting to discover how my styles and preferences have shifted over these 3 years.




But I’ve not regretted making the change away from our vibrant walls. I loved our little green room while we had it, and as I loved that, I’m also loving this next design progression.



17 Comments on “Carpet Diem”

  1. kmom says:

    That really is a beautiful rug. The new room arrangement transformed the space. I think your changes are all for the better and hope the plant likes it’s new window

  2. Benjamin says:

    Amazing what that rug brings to the room. Inspired choice. Well done, you!

    • Thanks Benjamin. I’m finally to the stage where I want to invest in pieces for the long haul, rather than spend frivolously on things that are more-or-less disposable. Glad this one will be around a while.

  3. Natalie says:

    Great choice, it looks gorgeous 🙂

  4. VitaSun says:

    Wow! This is beautiful! Love the rug and Your style! Well done 🙂

  5. Rae says:

    It’s great following your house’s transformation… I think experimenting is the best way to go, and so far it looks like it’s working for you! Also, lovely vaca photos!

    • I do love switching things around and reinvigorating tired spaces. Though occasionally I do wish there was an “undo” button, for the most part, it’s been a blast.

      And glad you’re enjoying looking at the vacation photos. I sure enjoyed taking them:)

  6. Beautiful rugs, want them all!

  7. Liz says:

    I want them all so cute!

  8. sndrury says:

    Reblogged this on Sarah Smirks and commented:
    Great post for your weekend! This is a re-blog from the Doodle House blog on mixing old and new pieces together in a room. Enjoy & thanks, Doodle House, for the inspiration!

  9. So often the rug makes the room. Love this one. Hopefully your dogs are better trained than mine (chihuahuas are cute but impossible), but in the even that an incident takes place, I have found that spraying with vinegar and drying with a box fan will remove the you-know-what without staining. Just putting that tidbit out there.

  10. […] Added an oriental rug (formerly from our living room) […]

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