demolition duo

We’re big, big fans of doing it yourself because it’s both fun and, well, cheap (who doesn’t love that?). Plus, like other D-I-Y dorks, we love the sense of accomplishment (deserved or not) that we feel when we stand back and admire a newly finished project that helped make our house or garden just that little bit sweeter.

Check out all of our DIY victories (and some uh-ohs), from planting veggies to renovating our kitchen by clicking here.

4 Comments on “D.I.Y.”

  1. I absolutely LOVE your blog! Not only am I really into DIY, but I have chickens and also may or may not be wearing my UT Austin sweatshirt right now (I am).
    I’ve just started a wordpress blog (www.diydaisies.wordpress.com), and it would mean the world to me if you checked it out

  2. Your blog is like a huge department store…I could spend all day in here. I got a feeling I’m going to be making many visits. You two are adorable and have a great blog.

  3. KK says:

    I am really enjoying your DIY! I also cannot get enough of ATX, I am happy I found your blog!

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