A very doodle Christmas

Merry holidays from the doodle fam!  It’s been a rather unconventional Christmas this year for Heath and me—partly because we hosted the family Christmas celebrations for the first time, partly because we celebrated on Christmas Eve instead of Christmas Day, and MOSTLY because today we take off for our two-week vacation in India!  New posts will be absent from the DH blog for the next two weeks, but I’m hoping to come roaring back with hundreds of pictures and tales of our travels when we return.

Until then, enjoy your friends and family as we have enjoyed ours this holiday!

Some of the family (dog included) cuddled up on the couch pre present-opening.

Some of the family (dog included) cuddled up on the couch pre present-opening.

Cooking in the kitchen with mom.

Cooking in the kitchen with mom.


Heath enjoying some Stephen Colbert.

Heath enjoying some Stephen Colbert.

Bro got a girlfriend for Christmas.

Bro got a girlfriend for Christmas.


Our family’s tradition is to make fish (and shrimp, and mussel, and scallop) stew for Christmas dinner. Unconventional perhaps, but none the less delicious.

I wonder if Stella knows it's Christmas.

I wonder if Stella knows it’s Christmas.

My fantastic parents who celebrate 15 years of marriage tomorrow!

My fantastic parents who celebrate 15 years of marriage tomorrow!

Heath and me with Papa, my remarkable and beloved grandfather.

Heath and me with Papa, my remarkable and beloved grandfather.



Holiday Adventures [part 1]

Heath and I have two (TWO!) glorious weeks off work for what the kids call “winter break.” So we made a pact to make these two weeks some of the most fantastic ever. Enter our blog equivalent of a television network Christmas special—HOLIDAY ADVENTURES!

Adventure 1: A Very Light House Christmas.

Our friends over at The Light House put together a little shin dig last Friday complete with a white elephant gift exchange, a rotation of virtual fireplace videos, gingerbread village and my sausage turnovers (actually mom’s recipe, thanks mom). Here are some of my favorite images from the evening.

[Heath’s White Elephant gift…that’s three rolls of wrapping paper.]

[Val goes for Heath’s giant gift.]

[Three boxes later, it’s a gargoyle. Val is pleased.]

[Heath likes his gift.]

[So does bro.]

[My contribution. Get it? Tooth hurty!]

[The aftermath]

The end. Stay tuned for more in our HOLIDAY ADVENTURES! series.


Christmas Consumer

In the past I shuddered to myself as I watched grocery stores and shopping centers begin decking the halls for Christmas in mid October. Christmas celebrations aren’t allowed to begin until after Thanksgiving. But recently I’ve changed that school of thought for two reasons:Shiner Holiday Cheer and Nutcracker Sweet.

The holiday concoctions of these two beverage companies have me jumping for joy and licking my lips as soon as they hit the shelves. Heck, I’m even ready to start celebrating Christmas in September if it means I get to taste these bad boys just a few months earlier.

Shiner Holiday Cheer is the Christmas creation of the Texas based brewing company by the same name. The dark wheat beer has a subtle fruity(peaches) and nutty(pecans) taste that is a little heavy but remarkably delicious. Plus, I always feel better about drinking it because I know it’s from Texas.

Nutcracker Sweet (great for the morning after indulging in one-too-many Shiner Holiday Cheers) is the caffeinated Christmas creation of Colorado-based tea company Celestial Seasonings. In January, when supermarkets strip their shelves of wreaths and bells in exchange for chocolate hearts and “I Love You” cards, I stock up on as many boxes of these as is considered socially acceptable. It usually lasts through spring break. The tea is great on several accounts. First, it’s warm and winter is cold, boom. Secondly, it’s caffeinated which gets me through many nights of mid-term paper grading. Thirdly, it has this irresistible blend of cinnamon, vanilla and nuts that wreaks of Christmas memories. Maybe they should change the name of the company to Sensational Seasonings. Finally, and this one only really works for me, I love that they named it after the Nutcracker. As a former ballerina and frequent performer in Denton’s local production of The Nutcracker, I appreciate any reference that gets me thinking about those glory days of dancing.

If you’ve never tried either of these holiday treats, do yourself a favor and give it a shot. Christmas will get a little sweeter.



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