Skeletons no more

Admittedly, blog posts about closets aren’t the most exciting thing on the menu, but it’s what’s been on our minds lately. Since we’ve been sharing our abode with Bro over the last couple months, we’ve been made aware of the fact that every square inch of space is a valuable commodity not to be squandered–closets included. Perhaps, if done right, even my tiny bedroom closet could be salvation from clutter and chaos.

Fortunately I happen to know just the man to tackle a closet rejuvenation: the one, the only, Handyman Heath. After sleeping in on a Sunday morning, and doodling a sketch or two of an ideal closet on scratch paper, Heath went to town on Project Let’s-Get-This-House-And-Closet-Situation-Under-Control. While I was grocery shopping, and cleaning and being a stereotypical homemaker, Heath was measuring, sawing, and lord knows what else, to turn our clusterf*** of a closet into a real-deal functional storage space.

Hot dog! Who knew all I had to do was point to the mess, say “closet please” and within a few hours it would be completely transformed? Let’s make a toast to our latest DIY success and to Handyman Heath, my DIY genie.