fiestas and food

Last weekend was our first back in Austin after our globe trotting adventures. The return to our state’s capitol had to be epic. Enter weekend extravaganza of fun times (working title).

Fortunately there was plenty of fun to be had. In 1 weekend, over 2 days, there were 3 parties—all with a common theme: food and fun.

Party 1
Host: Mark and Ranjana
Summary: In honor of a very special occasion–Friday–Mark and Ranjana, or Maranjanark, hosted a pizza-filled fiesta that included a pie made with a bacon crust  (courtesy Epic Meal Time), bacon-wrapped and cheese-stuffed jalapenos and “the salad bowl game” which is essentially the love child of Taboo and charades on steroids. I don’t want to toot my own horn, but had we won tickets for performing well in the game (circa the days of Chuck E. Cheese or Fun Time Pizza) I’d have walked out of there with an awesome water gun or magic kit. In layman’s terms…I did good.

Party 2
Host: Avee and Rajia
Summary: The Saturday day party (that inevitably went into the night) celebrated Rajia’s birthday with yard games like badminton and ping pong. And of course, there was beer, queso and party snacks to boot.

Party 3
Host: Candace and Chris
Summary: The party celebrated both a birthday and the couple’s recent decision to c0habitate.  Playing starring roles at the love fest was an abundance of hip home decor, homemade edible goodies, keg beer, hipster music and a 90-pound doodle-like dog that fell too much in love with one of the party guests.

Party on.

Fruits of labor

The garden has been offering up an abundance of leafy greens and broccoli, but recently we’ve seen the first signs of other veggies like sugar snap peas, banana peppers and tomatoes. We’ve even gotten to pick a few strawberries. We’re a ways off from competing with Central Market’s produce section, but when that first little tomato popped up, it sure felt like Christmas at the doodle house.

..and why not throw in a snap of Wyatt too? He’s a good garden helper.

The Coop.

Well, we did it! Heath did it, mostly. We finished the coop!

When we moved into the house, there was this odd, half-finished structure. We weren’t sure if it was meant to be a raised garden or what. So we took some liberties of our own and built the coop! Heath came up with the design and did the construction himself while I watched and got lotso mosquito bites. He knocked this project out over the long weekend, and today we got some little friends for it…

Meet Ruby and Marion!

Ruby (named for her Ruby-red face) is a Blue Wyandotte. Marion (named for my favorite Dallas Cowboy Marion Barber) is an Ameraucana. They are still getting used to the joint, but I think we will be very happy together.

[Stella and Wyatt really want a piece of the chickens.]

Meet the Garden

With some lots of help from mother, Heath and I are on track to turning our backyard into a mini oasis in Central Austin. It is, of course, a work in progress, but we wanted to share some images we’ve captured of our little backyard haven before the summer heat gets the best of it.



[early spring before leaves came back]

[a little shade]

[homemade water feature]

[front yard flower bed]

[yellow rose of Texas]

[Stella digs the garden]

We’ve only just begun

The Doodle House is the current home of Helsey (think: Heath + Kelsey) located in the immortally hip Austin, Texas. It is named for our ironically menacing labradoodles (think: Labrador + Poodle), Stella and Wyatt.

[Stella is the pretty lady in brown. Wyatt hangs out in black.]

We live in Austin, we play in Austin, and now, we blog in Austin. From this moment on we (or I) will attempt to keep everyone updated with our local adventures by sharing all that  inspires, entertains and even terrifies us in this illustrious city we call home.