Hot Chicks

Meet some new hot chicks.

Those of us at the doodle house were feeling the pain of losing our beloved Marion recently. So, like any grieving chicken parents, we picked up some new ladies recently to help us:
1) ease our wounds
2) give eventual company to surviving Francis Sue
3) provide us with blogging material.

Clearly, points 1 and 2 are the most important. Point 3 is just a lucky perk. Meet the new ladies.

Keeping in step with our naming-chickens-after-grandparents theme, this little lady has been dubbed Patsy. She is the leader of the 2 youngest chicks. She’s a hot blonde with a lot of attitude. Welcome to the family.

Elouise, here, is a soft-spoken gentle soul who gets along swimmingly with all her fellow chicks.

This is Chick. We picked up Chick  before the other two babes, and we bonded with her instantly. We never gave her an official name, but she doesn’t really need one. She comes when you call and loves humans to an  unusual degree–she is more like a dog when you get right down to business.

So there it is. The hot new chicks of the doodle house. Stay tuned for more developments.