High school sweethearts Reese and Jordan are engaged to be wed! Check out engagement pics we took last weekend during a walk around campus. Loveable dog Dixie makes a few guest appearances.


Pulsifurry is the combined celebrity nick name of Eric Pulsifer and Lisa Murray, one of my all time favorite couples in the history of the universe. They are getting married in September and graciously allowed me to snap a few pictures of them this weekend. Here are some of my favorites.

And…end it on a chest bump!


An Austin-born love story

There is much to celebrate in Austin this week.

Last night this guy (Eric)

proposed to this girl (Lisa)

At this music venue (Mohawk)

…where they met more than two years ago at South by Southwest music festival. Heath and I were there to help them celebrate this momentous occasion, and it was indeed momentous. Congrats to Austin’s happiest couple!