Doodle House featured on SheKnows!

Weeee!  My crazy green stenciled wall was featured in a SheKnows  article called “Unexpected paint colors for your living room.” It’s comforting to know there are other wannabe design dweebs who appreciate splashy color.  Check it out and see what other color-lovers have done to spruce up their pads.

Picture 3

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A little paint goes a long way

The other project I was able to tackle this weekend was painting our new counter table in the kitchen. Who knew a few cans of turquoise spray paint could be such a game changer?

The table before and after its snazzy new paint job.

Slowly but surely, the kitchen is transforming from a beige and brown nightmare to a turquoise and lime paradise. I’m starting to love cooking here.

Once again, the very first before….

And the colorful after! (Of course, I can never take a photo without the doodles sneaking in to make a cameo).

The Green Room

Is there anything better than a green wall? Maybe a green wall made of green money. But, besides that…no.

It might not be one of the most popular colors to paint a room, but I can’t help it, I’m a sucker for green. Some say it’s too bright or too polarizing. I say it’s too awesome.  Every house I’ve lived in during my adult life (including college) has undergone at least a slight green makeover during my tenure. I like to think of it as my trademark calling card. See green walls? Kelsey was here. But seriously, what’s not to love? It’s fresh and quirky and reminds me of nature and the great outdoors. I will always, ALWAYS have some kind of green paint in any home I live in. Cheers to Green houses!


Living Room Re-Do

Not so long ago I posted here about my disgust with the TV set up in our new living room (our lives are filled with monumental levels of adversity). Boring, drab and uninspired it was. Fortunately, I found a solution–one that involved a major overhaul of the living room layout and resulted in a much more feng shui entertaining environment. The before and after photos have me breathing a sigh of relief.

Ultimately the TV had to change walls. Instead of sitting against a blank white canvas, I repositioned it in front of an oversized window framed by a green accent wall. Now all eyes are on the bright “retro avocado” wall and dramatic curtains rather than an expansive plane of icky nothingness. Me Likey.

Customized shelving, made by none other than Handyman Heath, went against the white wall, which gave the room the personal pizzaz it needed.

You might recognize the shelves from the office in the old house. I loved them so much, I thought they deserved to be front and center rather than tucked away in the office or guest bedroom. Here’s how they looked pre-move and pre-stain.

The empty wall turned out to be the perfect backdrop against which the shelves and their various knick knacks could pop.

We also changed the wall color from the same neutral beige that I wrote about in our office to a bright white that packs a nice punch. The difference is subtle but, again, keeps the beige cloud feeling from creeping in on us.

Plus, against the green accent wall, the new white looks much crisper than the beige color did.

I also finally made the effort to focus in on some of the smaller details, like creating an entryway table. Sadly our house lacks an actual foyer, so a decorative little side table next to the front door has to suffice for a barrier between the living room and entryway until a more established room divider can come into play. Fortunately, it’s a pretty cute interim set up.

I never stop being amazed at the difference a coat of paint and a little rearranging can make.

I’m clearly not winning any Pulitzer Prizes for obsessively blogging about my new and improved living room, but I’m a big believer that a happy environment makes a happy person, and our new space is very happy.