Consider that dog, sat.

I love dogs. Not just my dogs, all dogs. And I love them an abnormal amount. I let them sleep in bed with me, and, much to Heath’s chagrin, am constantly volunteering to dog sit for dogs of all shape and size. Recently, I even let two strays sleep in my house overnight until I could find their owner. True story.  It’s my weird thing, I know, but Heath knew this when he married me.

Currently we sit for Mia. The problem with dog sitting Mia is that I do not want to give her back. She is a doodle (and you know I have an affinity for doodles) and looking at her face makes me burst into a fit of giggles. I’m currently debating whether to tell her person, Jeffrey, that Mia ran away or that she was abducted by Aliens, so that I can keep this face forever.

Even the other doodles love her.

And, I look pretty good with an extra labradoodle on my arm.

So, I’m sorry Jeffrey, but Mia took up with a handsome stranger and left town. She’s not coming back. My sincere condolences are with you.

In the meantime, let’s all celebrate the newest addition to the doodle house: Mia LEAH!

Playgrounds are for puppies, too

For too long that poor rabbit in the Trix Cereal commercials has been unjustly discriminated against; he wants some of that Trix so bad, but for some reason those kids continuously deny him those tiny, sugar saturated corn puffs. It seems too, that children believe they have some sort of monopoly on playground equipment. NO MORE! The dogs have tasted the joy of plastic tubes, seas of gravel and twirly slides and there will be no going back.

[Wyatt actually climbed up and slid down this beast, but sadly it was not captured on film]