Map Attack!

Other title options for this post included, “Na-na, na-na, na-na, na-na MAP WALL” (like the theme song to the Batman TV show) and from Arrested Development, “The Blue Part is clearly land.”

Despite my terrible choice in headlines, the map wall has made a comeback! Not in the dining room, like I initially planned, but instead in the new office.

The map wall in the new office

As of now, the maps have not been permanently affixed to the wall via wallpaper paste or Mod Podge; I wanted to see how much I liked them there first. But I’m thinking it’s going to be a permanent fix for a couple of reasons.

1) It is undeniably awesome looking.

2) The office is the perfect place for a map wall because, for us, the office is the room we visit to get some work done and to appear intelligent and studious, and everyone automatically looks and feels smarter  standing in front of a map. “Oh me? What am I doing? I’m just committing some political geography to memory. It’s sort of my thing. Go ahead, ask me about the largest river in Cambodia. I can tell you all about it.”

I’m definitely feeling it in here. I know there are others who agree with me. Behold other humanoids who also enjoy a little map with their office.

Muah ha ha, yet another project crossed off the to-do list. I love our house.

A Puzzling Prospect

There were 293486234 things I didn’t like about the rental kitchen: the counter tops, the layout, the cabinets, the floors, the HEAT (have I mentioned we didn’t have Central AC?)… I could go on and on. But there was one thing I did like. My map wall.

Love maps. Always have. Always will. Not only are they colorful and pretty without being overly girly (your welcome, Heath), they are also educational and serve as a friendly reminder that I need to get out-of-town and be more of a world traveler. Win-win.

Of course, with a rental…maps were affixed with thumb tacks (the tack stands for tacky) instead of officially wallpapered or glued to the wall, which is what I would have ideally preferred to make me appear more like a classy lady and less like a serial killer plotting out the location of her next murder.

I couldn’t wait to resurrect the map wall the RIGHT way in the new house. Inspired by my friend Maggie, I even mapped out (get it…MAPPED out) the perfect location on a wall in the dining room.

Maggie's map wall she placed behind her repurposed headboard bar. Seriously, how cool is that?

I'm hoping to put mine on the wall with the shelving to give the dining room some pizzazz.

The only thing preventing me from busting out my map box and picking up some paste is the fear that I will like it for a few months, get tired of it and then want something completely different. I have been known to do this. After all, we have only lived in the house 5 months and I’ve already rearranged the living room once, painted it twice and changed the curtains at least 3 times. So what’s to keep me from getting “over” the map wall that I, at least for right now, think is so cool? I’ve never gone the whole wallpaper route before and it’s a project that I find extremely intimidating. Changing a papered wall is so much more of an ordeal than just slapping on a new coat or paint or switching out linens. So I’m in a tough position.

I loved the map wall before, and expect that I will love it again, but I also fear my own capricious design tendencies. So to map wall or not to map wall? That is the question.

Nooks and Crannies

Some of my favorite nooks and crannies in the doodle house.

I made the green curtains myself.

The quilt is actually a wedding quilt, custom made for us by Eric and Lisa. Heath made the platform bed himself.

The map wall is one of my favs. It adds a lot of spunk to the kitchen. Wyatt likes it too.