To Grandmother’s House We Go!

And by grandmother, I mean Nannie. Nannie is Heath’s maternal great grandmother. I’ve never known my great anything, so I am happy to have gotten to spend the weekend getting to know Heath’s. Nannie was a sweet, talkative and accommodating hostess. She gives great advice and makes a mean cup of coffee. She also has a great little house in the beautiful Texarkana country side.

Nannie’s house is everything you want a grandmother’s house to be. It’s quaint but full of wonderful pieces that could hold your attention for hours, including a sleeping porch dog. The old family pictures, vintage kitchen chairs and wrought iron beds exuded charm and history. Heath was giddy when we arrived, fading in and out of old memories and swelling with nostalgia. After spending the weekend there, I can understand why. The people and the views were equally beautiful.