The architecture of a cactus

I love the buds and blooms that spring brings, but walking through our neighborhood yesterday, it was hard not to notice another type of dramatic foliage. The cactus.  As a native Texan, cacti have always held a special place in my heart. Along with blue bonnets and live oaks, to me they are indicative of home. And maybe that is why I am especially prone to studying their varied and stunning architecture. Architecture that swoops, and climbs, and dives, and sprawls. Whether donning incendiary blooms, staccato quills or fluid curves, there is something magnetic about cacti.

From my iPhone on yesterday’s walk…

yucca greenagave

This one reminded me of a fried egg.

This one reminded me of a fried egg.

opuntia agavealoevera giantagave horsercripplers


Finally! We can join our elite neighbors with membership in the exclusive Houses-With-Bright-Doors-And-Funny-Shaped-Windows club. You probably read about it in the national papers, but allow me to confirm that we finally finished our front door transformation.

We have Crestview Doors to thank for the finished product. The Austin-based company sells both the oddly shaped windows and charismatic midcentury style doors as a whole, but trendy DIY-ers (and cheapskates) we are, we opted to try our hand at installing the windows on our own in the existing door rather than going the route of a whole new threshold. Heath spent a morning putting in the new doorlite kit and it makes me feel pretty giddy about our newly configured front door. I’m thrilled to be falling in line with the rest of our spiffy neighbors.

The Houses In Your Neighborhood

So we aren’t really in the market to buy a house at the moment—especially since Heath’s job is in limbo, but we have dabbled with the idea of home ownership. We’ve checked out neighborhoods across the city to distinguish the unacceptable ones from the devastatingly desirable and the ultra hipster from the ultra hippie. We’ve developed quite a list of potential future doodle houses, but until that time comes we are more than content enjoying the views in our current ‘hood. Check out some images from a Sunday walk in Central Austin.