Hiking Weather

Merely a few images captured during a recent autumn hike on the greenbelt.

berries cactusfield2 cactustuna fallcolors fallswamp heart kelseywoods stellawater texascactus treehugger waterfall wyattwater


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In the dog house

This morning I awoke with the full intention of taking some updated photos of the DH with which I could provide a splendid house tour blog post outlining my favorite spaces of the home. But during our little photo shoot I noticed a peculiar pattern: Stella and Wyatt began photo bombing ever picture I attempted to take. No matter how much I shooed them away, the doodles always found an excuse to slink back into the photos. And I liked it. So instead of gushing about the bookshelf that Heath built or the kitchen we poured blood, sweat and tears into, I bring you a collection of images of the dogs sprawled upon nearly every surface of our home. It truly is the doodles’ house.

dogsguestbedroom wyattoffice stellaoffice office greyroom dogbed stellaguestroom friendlydogs greenlivingroom

Yes, I am attached to our furniture and artwork and wall colors and yadda, yadda, yadda. But at the end of the day, it’s the dogs that make the house a home. Thanks for the reality check, doodles.

For dog lovers

This Saturday we followed our friend Christine to a “pup crawl” on Rainey Street to benefit Weimaraner Rescue of Texas. About 60 dog lovers leashed up their hounds to show support for the local rescue organization and to enjoy a cool pint and warm weather in the process. Along with the doodles, I also brought the nikon out for the walk, resulting in the following canine collage.


The handsomest of the bunch.


This one’s for you, Joy!

pupcrawl064 pupcrawl063 pupcrawl061 pupcrawl060 pupcrawl040

Oh. Hello, Phyllis. I didn't expect to see you here.

Oh. Hello, Phyllis. I didn’t expect to see you here.

pupcrawl037 pupcrawl028 pupcrawl027 pupcrawl024 pupcrawl022 pupcrawl021 pupcrawl018 pupcrawl015 pupcrawl010 pupcrawl009 pupcrawl008



Happy Tuesday!  Ok, I’m about to become Crazy Dog Lady. This is your warning. Turn back now if you don’t want to experience labradoodle overload. (Though, as Crazy Dog Lady, I wonder if there is such a thing.)

It’s been way too long since I’ve written a doodle-related post, which is too bad since this is The Doodle House after all. So in tribute to my little dust bunnies, Stella and Wyatt, enjoy our favorite (aka all of our) doodle pics from Instagram.

Lazy Sunday with the little ones.

Lazy Sunday with the little ones.

Next time on Cheaters, Stella gets caught with another dog.
Next time on Cheaters, Stella gets caught with another dog.

formal portrait

The formal portrait

Ranjana lounges with Wyatt (Featuring special guest stars Keyser and Socs)

Ranjana lounges with Wyatt (Featuring special guest stars Keyser and Socs)

Not interested.

Not interested.

Summer at the green belt
Summer at the green belt

This is her spot.

This is her spot.

Stella really wanted to meet the new chicks.
Stella really wanted to meet the new chicks.

Post hair cut

Post hair cut

My fellas
My fellas



Playing in the leaves
Playing in the leaves

The glamor shot

The glamor shot

dogsitting doodle number 3

Dog sitting doodle number 3, Mia

Stella was the first one to check out the new couch.
Stella was the first one to check out the new couch. Not sure about the position she chose to test it out in though…
designer dog

designer dog

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Consider that dog, sat.

I love dogs. Not just my dogs, all dogs. And I love them an abnormal amount. I let them sleep in bed with me, and, much to Heath’s chagrin, am constantly volunteering to dog sit for dogs of all shape and size. Recently, I even let two strays sleep in my house overnight until I could find their owner. True story.  It’s my weird thing, I know, but Heath knew this when he married me.

Currently we sit for Mia. The problem with dog sitting Mia is that I do not want to give her back. She is a doodle (and you know I have an affinity for doodles) and looking at her face makes me burst into a fit of giggles. I’m currently debating whether to tell her person, Jeffrey, that Mia ran away or that she was abducted by Aliens, so that I can keep this face forever.

Even the other doodles love her.

And, I look pretty good with an extra labradoodle on my arm.

So, I’m sorry Jeffrey, but Mia took up with a handsome stranger and left town. She’s not coming back. My sincere condolences are with you.

In the meantime, let’s all celebrate the newest addition to the doodle house: Mia LEAH!

Scoob Sitting

Today I shall tell you the tale of Scooby, the newly adopted dog of our friends Zack and Caitlin, who spent a recent weekend at the doodle house playing the role of awkward stepchild.

Scooby is a 3-year-old mutt that might be part German Shepherd, might be part Shiba Inu. We don’t really know. Such is the fun of adopting a mystery dog.

We dog sit all the time for other mutts, but what made Scooby’s case special is that he was a fairly new dog to us and his “forever family.” Scooby had been bounced around through a few other foster families over his life so you never quite know what to expect. So allow me to let you know how some of the weekend played out.

Chapter One: The Chase. In addition to being part dog, Scooby might also be part bunny or antelope because your boy can jump. We learned this when, within 5 minutes of being in the backyard, he promptly cleared the fence to chase after a neighbor cat. (Clearly Scoobs has some long-running hatred toward felines because there was no convincing him that this cat was not worth the effort. Come on buddy, there are 4 chickens and 2 dogs to play with, why are you wasting your efforts on this dopey cat?)

The escape sent Heath into panic mode…panic along the lines of misplacing someone’s child or wrecking someone else’s car, but 10 times worse. Is there any feeling more gut-wrenching than losing your friend’s new dog in less than 24 hours? Nope. Definitely not.

The cat took off toward a busy intersection, followed closely by Scooby, and Heath trailing not too far behind. The cat made a right cut toward some houses and led Scooby to a corner. (Hallelujah!)  Scooby tried to break free and continue the chase, but Heath made an epic lunge at the Scoobster and the event was over as quickly as it has begun. Scooby was back in custody and Heath had the road burn to prove it. CRISIS AVERTED. Note to self: maybe don’t let Scooby in the backyard without a leash.

Chapter Two: The Affair. Stella gets along with most dog folk, in fact she’s kind of a flirt. She’s never met a dog she didn’t like and Scooby was no exception. This is not a problem except that it drove Wyatt crazy. He’s not one to “show affection” if you catch my drift, but when Scooby was in town, Wyatt was all about letting him know that Stella was his gal. Though that didn’t keep Stella from falling into bed with this mysterious stranger. Wyatt didn’t take it so well.Luckily, they have worked things out since then.

Chapter Three: The Good Dog.
I love dogs and I love to be helpful, so volunteering to take on Scooby for the weekend while his parents were gone was a no-brainer for me. It wasn’t until his family had left that I realized this was a big deal…for us and for Scooby.

Until Zack and Caitlin came along, Scooby never really had a stable home environment. And now, the only people who ever really gave him the proper attention he needed, were taking off for four days. Who could really know what effect that would have on a little pup with abandonment issues? Plus, as we saw with the cat incident, we didn’t know all of Scooby’s quirks yet. We didn’t know how he would act in tense situations, or around loud noises, or in the rain. (The list goes on…) Anyone with a pet knows that there are dozens of factors that can sends animals into a tizzy, and there was so much we didn’t know about Scooby, his personality, and his past.

So let me clarify my “awkward stepchild” comment, by saying that Scoobs is a really good dog. There were a few rough patches (or should I say “RUFF” patches? Yes I should.) which is to be expected, but all-in-all he was a welcomed guest. He is amazingly friendly and playful (sometimes too much so) and was a very fast learner. He never chewed anything or had any house accidents and that’s more than I can say about Stella and Wyatt.

I applaude Z&C for taking on the challenge of adopting an older, larger dog, rather than shelling out $$$ for designer dog puppies like  we did (yes, I am aware that we are going to Hell). It takes a tremendous amount of courage and patience and love to be able to take on the title of adoptive parents. And in the end, I think Zack, Caitlin and Scooby will all be better for it. Way to be.

What do you mean “dog” bed?

Every once in a while, as I’m perusing the interwebs for pictures of cute things, I inevitably come across some form of this same image…

A brilliantly eclectic living room accented with a cute beanbag-looking thing covered in some vibrant retro pattern and topped with an irresistibly cute puppy.

“Oh man,” I think. “That is just too adorable! Would you look at how that dog bed matches the room AND creates a perfect perch for that pooch! I MUST HAVE ONE!”

Next thing you know, I’m signed on to Etsy and coming dangerously close to spending too much money on an oversized pillow covered in funky fabric.

From Etsy Artist, Puppy Pillows Plus

From bradybunchremodel.com

From Sew Darn Cute

From Lilly and Abbie Dog Beds

From Apartment Therapy

Wait. Wait. Tap the Breaks. Kelsey, what are you doing? The dogs already have a bed. It’s called Every Piece of Furniture In The House.

Oh yeah. That’s right. I’m a terrible (or awesome?) dog owner and let the dogs lie wherever the heck they want….which is usually on the exact part of the couch, chair, or bed that I was hoping to chillax on. So what am I about to shell out $50 bucks for? Much as I might like to think it true, I’m not so sure the doggies would prefer a posh pillow over their existing spot—the couch.

Yeah, for some reason, I think I might wind up spending more time on the dog pillow than they would.

One day, I’ll demonstrate the will of a warrior. When they look at me with those puppy eyes and tilt their head in a way that reads, “Come on, there is room up there on the bed for us, too,” I will put my fist down and say, “NOT TODAY YOU MUTTS!” But until then, I will just scoot over and make room for my little beasts… because sometimes you’ve just got to give in to the cuddling.

Happily Handmade

Handmade Christmas gifts are the best. I like to give ’em, I like to receive ’em. Something about putting the finishing touches on a mediocre craft and boxing it up to distribute to family who are obligated to love it just feels über Christmasy. This year I was lucky to receive my fair share of handmade trinkets and goodies.

A favorite might have been these ornaments my mom made to resemble Stella and Wyatt. Our tree was lacking in doodle-themed ornaments–something that clearly had to be remedied. See the resemblance?

My sister and brother-in-law, of StormulaOne Photography fame, put together these coasters featuring his photography. I’m a big fan of his work, so getting to glance down at mini prints of his photography on my coffee table is really exciting. I might have to commission more.

Heath’s mother made this reversible hobo bag that I can’t wait to use as a travel pouch.

And of course, let’s not discount all the jellies, jams and baked goods from my mother and from Ranjana that will carry us into the new year.

So, too soon to start working on next years gifts? The wheels are already turning.

A Christmas Miracle

For years I have heard the following sentence…

“Stella is a Muppet.”

Yeah, yeah. I know. But WHICH Muppet? She’s not Rowlf, the go-to Muppet dog character. So why is it that we all (me included) think she looks like a Muppet?

After a recent viewing of The Muppet Christmas Carol  last week, it hit me. A background character, a Muppet extra if you will, sounded an alarm in my head. Stella is Sprocket, the occasional doggy guest star from Fraggle Rock.

Exhibit A: Sprocket, looking delightfully loveable.

Exhibit B: Stella. Very happy about the Christmas tree behind her (and the awesome new camera lens used to take this photo).




The similarities are undeniable.

It’s a Christmas miracle. The Muppet mystery has finally been solved. God bless us, everyone.

Doodle Face

Stella takes lazy Sundays to a new level.