Happily Handmade

Handmade Christmas gifts are the best. I like to give ’em, I like to receive ’em. Something about putting the finishing touches on a mediocre craft and boxing it up to distribute to family who are obligated to love it just feels über Christmasy. This year I was lucky to receive my fair share of handmade trinkets and goodies.

A favorite might have been these ornaments my mom made to resemble Stella and Wyatt. Our tree was lacking in doodle-themed ornaments–something that clearly had to be remedied. See the resemblance?

My sister and brother-in-law, of StormulaOne Photography fame, put together these coasters featuring his photography. I’m a big fan of his work, so getting to glance down at mini prints of his photography on my coffee table is really exciting. I might have to commission more.

Heath’s mother made this reversible hobo bag that I can’t wait to use as a travel pouch.

And of course, let’s not discount all the jellies, jams and baked goods from my mother and from Ranjana that will carry us into the new year.

So, too soon to start working on next years gifts? The wheels are already turning.

A Christmas Miracle

For years I have heard the following sentence…

“Stella is a Muppet.”

Yeah, yeah. I know. But WHICH Muppet? She’s not Rowlf, the go-to Muppet dog character. So why is it that we all (me included) think she looks like a Muppet?

After a recent viewing of The Muppet Christmas Carol  last week, it hit me. A background character, a Muppet extra if you will, sounded an alarm in my head. Stella is Sprocket, the occasional doggy guest star from Fraggle Rock.

Exhibit A: Sprocket, looking delightfully loveable.

Exhibit B: Stella. Very happy about the Christmas tree behind her (and the awesome new camera lens used to take this photo).




The similarities are undeniable.

It’s a Christmas miracle. The Muppet mystery has finally been solved. God bless us, everyone.

Doodle Face

Stella takes lazy Sundays to a new level.



Come one, come all

…to our new and improved guest bedroom.

Once upon a time the room was a catch-all office. (see before and after part one here.) But now, almost 2 years after moving into the doodle house, the office has officially become a full-fledged guest bedroom. While I do subscribe to the theory that our couch is one of the most comfortable in Texas, I am thrilled to finally offer a real-deal bedroom to A-town travelers.

What all went down:

* Traded a twin-sized bench for a full-sized bed
* Scrapped a student-desk in exchange for something larger and more industrial (two file cabinets, spray painted turquoise and a treated piece of aspen wood stained in cherry)
* Stained bookshelves to match the desk

I probably won’t be a guest blogger for Martha Stewart anytime soon, but for now I’m pretty happy with our new space.

Take time to lake time

Favorite images from a Memorial Day weekend at Moss Lake.

Soap on a rope, or in a sock. Whatever works.

This bud’s for you

Recent scenes from the garden.

Snow Day 2011

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