The Chickens


In Austin, raising fowl is about as common as hipsters and breakfast tacos, and the doodle house is no exception to the backyard chicken bandwagon.

The world of chicken rearing has been fun, frustrating and fruitful. We’ve experienced untimely deaths (and some timely ones) as well abundant egg laying and have even trained ourselves to become experts in the field of coop building.

These days we’re keeping 2 chickens around, Frannie Sue and Blondie (my favorite). Follow our chickens here.

16 Comments on “The Chickens”

  1. I loved this! You have a really fun and very interesting blog here and I am excited to have found you and will be following, looking forward to what comes next. Thanks!


  2. Hearth Bard says:

    I didn’t know chicken raising was big in Austin! Awesome! Yet another thing to love about that city. I don’t have experience with it myself, but yard eggs are so expensive at the farmer’s markets! Lovely blog, by the by.

  3. forestfae says:

    I want some chickens too! 😀

  4. Hey ya, found your blog totally by coincidence, I’m way north in hill country, a chicken keeper too. 🙂 wanted to tell ya’ll about the first EVER annual Hill Country Chicken Coop Tour we’re having May 5 from 10-4, it’s self guided…check out the facebook page for more info if you guys feel like making a chicken coop day trip on cinco de mayo…we were all too far north to join funky chicken, so we started one of our own. 🙂

    btw – nice coop!

  5. makingmyhappyhome says:

    Love the chickens, I keep trying to talk my husband into letting me raise chickens.

  6. I have been trying to talk my man into a chicken coop! I’m not sure how they would do up here in Park City but I’m jealous of yours! Just found your blog (thank you, Freshly Pressed) and am exploring- I like! 🙂
    Come visit me at sometime!

  7. Kim Williams says:

    Is there any way I can contact you? I am looking at moving to the Austin are with my daughter and two Newfoundland dogs. I want to get a small peice of property with a cute little house and be able to have chickens, a goat or two and a organic veggie garden…. oh yes and bees. 🙂
    I dont now the area very well but hear there are some cute little suburban towns north and northwest of Austin. Can you tell me if there are any areas where there are others doing this kind of thing? I dont want to live isolated and would love to have a cute little town near by with shopping and such. Any suggestions? Would you say Austin is better than the Dallas outskirts for this? Would love to find a community of people doing the same thing. Would love to talk with you about it too. Kim

  8. “as common as hipsters and breakfast tacos” Nicely put! Well written and informative. Thanks!

  9. olafsdottir says:

    Love your blog! Me and my husband are just getting started on something similar her in The Faroe Islands. Just bought an old farm house that we are renovating and life is all about the excitement of shaping and creating something for our selves. Our next project is actually chickens and your experiences are defiantly gonna be an inspiration. Although keeping chickens in these weather conditions is a bit harsh and can be challenging from time to time. And having a Border Collie, that likes chasing chickens will for sure be a challenge too.

  10. Ainin Najib says:

    In my village, that chicken is a must for any pet owner’s home. So everyone in my village must have had chicken. hehehe

  11. Phil Sexton says:

    I just went over to a friends house (in AZ) who built a chicken coop and had their first bowl of eggs. Now to read this post makes me want to get some.

  12. We’ve been considering chickens, but have yet to make the jump.

  13. Carpe Noctem says:

    Love reading blogs of fellow poultry owners. I’m in the UK and have 2 ducks – completely understand the fun and frustration!

  14. amyslyfe says:

    It’s funny because I live in Austin and raise chickens too! They’re awesome!

  15. love this, we just experienced our first untimely death 😦

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