The Dogs

The dogs are Stella (brown) and Wyatt (black) they are both fun-loving, dust-collecting, ice cube-eating, bed-hogging, bird-chasing labradoodles (labrador + poodle). We have traveled with them— everywhere from Colorado to Kentucky—and they are the most loyal friends this couple has known. Thus, in honor of theses dynamic muts, we name our blog The Doodle House to inspire us to live life a little more like them.

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21 Comments on “The Dogs”

  1. Gorgeous and Handsome dogs! I have to ask: did your doodles have alot of hair as puppies? My puppy is four months old and only has wavy hair. I’m not knocking it but……

    • The hair definitely gets curlier as they get older. For a long time my mother was convinced that Wyatt was lab rather than doodle. But sure enough, his hair changed from wiry to wooly the older he got.

  2. Jenbug says:

    Ha ha! When I saw “The Doodle House” I first thought of doodle bugs. I used to love those things when I was a kid!

  3. cindylou says:

    Whoever is taking the picture – has a good eye.

  4. cindylou says:

    …or should I say, pictures…

  5. busymomhelp says:

    It’s a lovely house. I wish, I could design mine in the similar style, but my hubby and I disagree on it. He loves hi-tech;(

  6. Winn says:

    I have a goldendoodle (25% golden retriever + 75% poodle) and he’s curlier than your doggies. Here’s a pic of him — I had to follow a blog where “doodle” is in the name! Brilliant!

  7. They are so cute!!! I have two myself and they are part of my family.

  8. Kelli says:

    Dogs are people too 🙂

  9. lickingthebeater says:

    Labradoodles are my FAVOURITE doggies. I used to work for a lovely labradoodle breeder here in Australia (Cloud Catcher Labradoodles- check them out on facebook) Ethical, responsible breeding, where the puppies live on raw organic diets and get SO much love. And the mummy dogs all live with their own families, not in cages or little rooms. I met so many amazing Doods through that job, and now me and my husband are totally in love with them. i can’t wait to get my own.

  10. eastwitching says:

    squee – love the dogs and chickens and am in admiration of your gallery wall – Alison

  11. trixpin says:

    I love doodles 🙂

  12. Came across your blog and noticed a section dedicated to Dogs! I am a huge animal advocate…not quite crazy cat lady, but maybe crazy dog lady. Look forward to reading on!

  13. vofarrell26 says:

    I’m so jealous of your doggies! I’ve wanted a labradoodle for SO long! But for now I just have two cats, which strangely enough are black and brown like your doggies! I just started my log (literally like, today) and hope to have one as cool as yours soon! Love it!

  14. myblogbysara says:

    Very cute dogs, love them so much!!!!!!! On my blog, (myblogbysara) I’m doing a survey thingy where you can comment down below on my posts and say what you would like to see me do. I partner up with Emmalee Hazell (YouTube) and do things together. If you could check out my blog and her channel, that’d be awesome and share it with your friends. Thanks so much for your support and i love your dogs. My blog website is:

    thank you so much!!!

  15. […] I visited heath and Kelsey @ I thought it might be about “doodling” but it referred to the labradoodles.. […]

  16. Julia says:

    Those faces! So cute 🙂
    -Julia at List Maker, Picture Taker

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