The House

And here it is today.

In late October 2011, we became the proud owners of a 1950s midcentury house in East Austin.

The windows were charming, the backyard a blank canvas and the floor plan an open paradise (not to mention, it has central air and heat–something sorely missing from our old place); 1100 square feet never looked so good.

You can read about our old rental and how we are fixing up the new one here.

19 Comments on “The House”

  1. are there any hardwood floors underneath that carpet?

  2. johanna says:

    Wow! Love your house, retro and so beautiful and colorful! Lovely blog as well!

  3. polamiro says:

    Can you both please decorate my new apartment? Please!?! Right now, it’s tastefully tasteless, and I need your talents to make it awesome.

  4. How awesome to get your own place and do what ever you like to it! Great style!!!! I’m going to post some of my photography that I think you would love for your house, I lived in Dallas, TX and they had some amazing murals that I photographed, just give me some time to post these, I sell my work through the site.. Good luck!!! I love Austin!!!! Such a wonderful eclectic place to live….

  5. Oh check in my site ” American Flats” I think you would love this place! And another site you would both love is! Some amazing ideas, art, fashion, home, etc…

  6. etexbill says:

    You can decorate my place any time. It’s not too far from Austin (one of my favorite places).
    You have fantastic taste.

  7. whittleandwood says:

    Hello, My name is Whitney I just stumbled upon your blog this evening as I was browsing WordPress recommended blogs. When I started to look at your blog, your posts, your style I found it to be eerily similar to mine. I’m much newer at this, being about 15 posts in but it is astonishing how alike your set-up, design ideas, and style is to mine and my boyfriends. So I told him to sit down with me and check your blog out because to me it was so crazy…Here is where it gets even weirder….we clicked on your “The House” category and were even more shocked to find that your house number is the same as ours! 1304. Anyway, I couldn’t figure out how to email you so I thought I’d just leave a comment. I guess it really excited/shocked me. My blog is like I said I’m fairly new to this and we are still developing our blog but maybe you’d like to check it out.


  8. […] A gleeful account of the escapades of two 20-somethings, our dogs and a little house in Austin. DesignThe ChickensThe CityThe DogsThe GardenThe HouseThe Humans […]

  9. alexnkd says:

    i absolutely adore your house! the way you put it together is absolutely amazing and creative!

  10. Kris Israel says:

    Hey doodle house. Great blog, beautiful pics! from one blogger to another. Xoxo krisrael

  11. misscrk says:

    Hello Doodle House!
    I love you house, it is really so cute!!! And I find it amazing that you are not at all afraid of using color! I don’t know how often I walk into people’s houses and seen white walls next white or beige everything else, but especially your living room is refreshingly alive!

  12. i love your house! its so adorable, modern and fresh. great job on the makeover. i know how much work and time went into this (from my past interior design days). your blog in general is inspiring and beautiful, from one creative to another.

  13. Thom Topham says:

    Love your house and decor! You can check out my London loft-style apartment (full of retro-modern furniture) and my family’s beach cottage in Cornwall, SW England in various pictures in the multimedia autoBLOGography ‘My Unplanned Obsolescence’ – I’ve just published Chapter 9 (and the 14th song) online:

  14. I just happened to come across your blog and noticed you live in Austin too! Your house is so adorable, I’m looking forward to reading more of your blog!

  15. Love your house and what you are doing! Your blog is awesome!

  16. I just came across your blog and I love it! Your house is so cute!

  17. Oh Wow! My wife and I are about the same age as you guys and just bought our first house. I’m a Kentucky boy, she’s from Austin, TX.. We’ve been cruising around online looking for inspiration on what we can do with our new place and found your site.

    Your house has lots of character! Through the past few years we’ve met tons of people with the D.I.Y. Spirit, as we ourselves are D.I.Y. We own a carpet cleaning company here in Lexington KY, it’s still fairly new so we have to watch our budget.. My wife likes bringing in paint samples by the basket full, & we have our first baby on the way! So the nursery is inspiring tons of ideas now! Any way, I just wanted to say hello and tell you how much we like your site. Now my wife wants to name our house 🙂

  18. weldontinatv says:

    CUTE HOUSE! I love the charm!

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